The Movement Sports & Enrichment Foundation is a non-profit whose aim is to provide, through sports and enrichment programming, a buffer (including educational and social awareness) geared towards today’s poverty stricken youth, that will enrich their social, physical, and academic well being.

Growing up in Greater Cincinnati in a poverty stricken community is a struggle within itself for today’s youth. There are loopholes in our educational system allowing too many of our students to be left behind. Social services place Band-Aids on issues that need to be healed. Drugs are a relevant and noticeable part of our community. Role models are few and far between. Though these issues create a social culture of making wrong choices, our non-profit will be geared towards helping today’s youth make the right ones.

What does The Movement Sports & Enrichment Foundation do?

Our activities consist of enrichment programs that help support today’s youth socially, physically, or academically. Fundamental Kids Basketball Camps, Personal Training Sessions, Boys to Men Lock-Ins, Youth Basketball Leagues, and High School 3 on 3 Tournaments are just some of the activities we’ll provide through our non-profit.

Who is The Movement Sports & Enrichment Foundation?

Eager and highly motivated volunteers, sponsors, parents, and community leaders, conducts the activities, under the direction of the non-profit core group that orchestrates the activities. President of The Movement Sports & Enrichment Foundation, Brian Strayhorn, along with an active Board of Directors, play essential parts in the coordination of all programming, activities, and events.

When are The Movement Sports & Enrichment Foundation activities held?

Programming is conducted daily in our recreational centers. Activities and events are placed on a seasonal calendar accommodating today’s youth.

Where are The Movement Sports & Enrichment Foundation activities held?

All programming, activities, and events will be conducted in low-income, urban,  poverty stricken communities.

How is The Movement Sports & Enrichment Foundation funded?

For the past three years, we’ve been able to successfully conduct all activities without our exempt status, impacting hundreds of youth lives in the Greater Cincinnati area, through donations. Upon the establishment of our exempt status, we will be able to obtain grants that will help support our efforts along with obtaining more support from our current sponsors.

Funding will come primarily from private citizens, corporate sponsors and fundraising activities, and possibly grants.

More About Us

We specialize in personal training sessions, fundamental basketball camps, adult open gyms, and leagues for youth and adults. Contact us today for more information!!

The Movement Sports & Enrichment Foundation